Proposal for the CDS, Munich © 2013 Angelika Boeck, Picture montage: Heidi Roth


My suggestion for the artistic design of the exterior space of the Center for Stroke and Dementia Research (CSD) in Munich-GroƟhadern were three large-format illuminated anchors. A statement by Issac Newton, in irregular letters of stainless steel, was to be set into the outer connecting path between the two entrances to the research institute (at the invitation of the Munich State Building Authority, unrealised).

Steel and steel cable, stainless steel letters embedded in the sidewalk

I chose the anchors as a content motif for memory bridges and as a practical orientation aid for patients. At the same time, they describe the CSD as the flagship of dementia research in an ocean which, as Isaac Newton noted, corresponds to what we do not know and is a drop in the ocean compared to what we know.

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