A visual step-by-step guide to survival-relevant practices.

Borneo: Jungle Practices

As a step-by-step guide, I documented (between 2010 and 2016) some vital practices with jungle expert Wilson Bala, as he learned them from his grandfather, a , and how he employs them today - partly using contemporary technology - in the central highlands of the island of Borneo (Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia). The material (also summarized in the blog Sustainability & Subsistence) makes part of my current research project Life Practices, which focuses on contemporary worldwide.

How to make blowpipe arrows..

How to make a bush knife..

How to strengthen the handle of a knife..

How to build a long boat..

How to slaughter and cut up a pig..

How to build a squirrel trap..

How to trap small animals..

How to construct a bird trap..

How to make a fish trap..

How to build a porcupine trap..

How to cook in bamboo..

How to collect fruit and train it..

How to prepare cicadas..

How to collect and prepare maggots (Kelatang)..

How to store rice in renewable dishes..

How to leave messages..

What you round people up with..

How to find a snack..

How to extract water from bamboo..

How to get water from the pitcher plant..

How to harvest sagopalm hearts...

How to cut and transport planks..

How to cook with fire..

How to transport things..

How to cross the river..

How to protect oneself from the weather..

Creative household solutions..

Wooden appliance..

Useful things from scrap metal..

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