In 2009, focusing on the mutual perception of Munich residents from German and non-German backgrounds, I asked a small number of people to remember their first encounter with the cultural other. The project, which was planned as an extensive survey of older people, has been slumbering in a drawer ever since.

In 2019 I have brought out the results of my interviews at the time, had the episodes cut as stamps and commissioned booklets in the format of a German passport by a bookbinder – this format makes a whole spectrum of possible associations resonate: Nationality, border, migration, expulsion, integration, assimilation or even categorization – to name but a few.

This implementation, which resulted from the retrospective, also represents the beginning of a wider Archive of Personal Memories of the Intercultural Encounter (AMICE), which is accessible here.

If you would like to contribute to this burgeoning archive, just send an e-mail with the subject AMICE to:

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