The (unrealized) design of an interactive floor-light installation for Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Computer Science, was created on invitation from the Augsburg State Building Authority. My design refers to the oldest known binary system, the I Ching, and thus to basic principles of computer science.

LED lights, glass, infrared circuit, LED display

The lighting installation, which is embedded in the floor of the entrance area of the university building and consists of six illuminated fields, each divided into three differently sized segments, was to be controlled by motion detectors at both main entrances, supplemented by illuminated signs above both entrances, which welcome visitors with their personal motto for the day. The meaning of the signs should be read on the Institute's website. There the number of people in the building would also have been constantly updated - information that could be used, for example, by the administration or the canteen operators for their calculations.

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