Poster 'Fang mich doch' (Catch me then), competition entry © 2003 Angelika Boeck, Picture montage: Stefan Saalfeld

Fang mich doch (Catch me then)

Design for an acoustic intervention in the Fröttmaningerstraße day-care centre for children in Munich (on the invitation from the Munich State Building Authority, unrealised).

sound track, mini loudspeaker, random control

My suggestion for the courtyard space between the building and the sports field, which the children used during the break, consisted of an acoustic measure that could also be used as a break clock. Every hour on the hour (technically realized by many small miniature loudspeakers mounted on a bridle and connected in series) a train was to arrive - with squeaking brakes, rattling doors, but without stopping; alternating with other events, e.g. an alarm or an announcement. The children could have danced in the courtyard to the music or listened to a fairy tale read by a carer and broadcast via loudspeakers.

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