Competition design for the inner courtyard of the Brandenburg state parliament in Potsdam © 2011 Angelika Boeck, Picture montage: Heidi Roth

Neptune’s Field

My (unrealized) proposal for the artistic design of the inner courtyard for the new building of the Brandenburg State Parliament in Potsdam (which emulates the former Potsdam City Palace, a major work of the Frederician Rococo period) is intended as a critical commentary.

Sculptures from concrete casting

Starting from the historicizing architecture, my design refers to the palace garden program of the Frederician period and its influence - through the ideas of rationalism emerging during the Enlightenment - onto our understanding of nature today. I chose typical Baroque animal figures for the access and green areas. These were stranded whales, whose shape also allows for an association with bombs, thus reminding us that the Potsdam city palace was destroyed in World War II.

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