Name Me

This work of the series dealt with the practice of naming and changing the name of the , an indigenous population group on the island of Borneo (Sarawak/Malaysia).

10 Videos

Involved in this project were three (men) whom I asked to choose a name for me. Independently of each other, they chose Dayang, the name of a female mythological figure. I then made a video portrait of ten Kelabit girls and women who were called Dayang, or who had been so named before their first or second name change.


Paad Ayu, Balaan Ayu, Belaan Tauh (interview and naming); Dayang Nalin@Sinaq Paran Aren, Dayang Mapan@Sinaq Anid Balan, Dayang Adun@SinaqKerab Aran, Dayang Matu@Sinaq Paran Matu@Doo Illah, Dayang Bala Linuh, Dayang Menu@Sinaq Nawar Ulun@Pun Maryane, Dayang Artur Judin, Dayang Aren@Sinaq Maran Tungan, Dayang Robert, Dayang Imat@Sinaq Paren Mattu, Dayang Elisabeth Labang, Dayang Materih@S. Raih@Pun Pared@Raih Aren, Dayang Marianne Kipeh Zu, Dayang Raja@Sinaq Paran Lapuon, Dayang Ibun@Sinaq Bala Tuan@Doo Inan (portrayed); Mujan Sakai@Sinaq Adto Paran, Jaman Riboh@Paran Ribuh; Wilson Bala@Bayeh Maren@Uih Ayu (assistance and translation), Sandra Raja Bruce, Florance Apu@Lapu (translation); David Ngui, Rose Tagong@Sinaq Inan Aran (mediation); Heitland Foundation (support).
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