Smell Me

This project of the series deals with the welcoming ritual of the Mongolian shepherds, mainly the Tuvans (or Tuvinians), sniffing at each other.

11 glass bottles labeled, approx. 12 x 12 x 6 cm, 1 video

I wrote the perceptions and interpretations of my person as they were verbally expressed by the project participants on glass bottles. These are modelled on the shape of traditional chewing tobacco bottles. A video (from my head-mounted camera) documents the encounters.


Geretsetseg Bataa, Tösjarga Bayarsaidan, Zelmeg Gantulga Gerund, Dalma Dandisuren, Tseren Djebee, Ganbataar Djodow, Dulmasuren Dungee, Otgenbayer Janger, Möngontsetseg Möngönchineg, Galsan Tschinag, Dulmasuren Tsenjab, Hongorzue Zeren (encounter/interpretation), Galsan Tschinag (mediation), Bindrja Davaadori (assistance), Aibora Galsan (translation).
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