Track Me

The work Track Me was created in collaboration with four track readers and a translator in Central Australia (in the Northern Territories, near Alice Springs).

3-channel video installation

The tracking experts answer questions about a "coincidentally" discovered footprint (my own): Is it the trace of a man or a woman? Is the person old or young? What character traits does he or she possess? What is she doing?

The installation shows the interview, scenes of the hunt and the tracking and the reading of my footprint on three separate image carriers (one screen, two monitors).


Mitjili Napanangka Gibson, Judy Nambajimba Granites, Ida Nungala Granites, Noreen Napajimba Robertson (experts); Peter Bartlett (assistance, interview, facilitation); Iria Kuen (assistance), Peter Yates, Bettina Dalton (mediation), Bayerischen Landesanstalt für Aufbaufinanzierung LfA (support).
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