The audio installation, which was created with the participation of six anonymous interview partners, twelve authors and two speakers, deals with individually different interpretation of situations based on love stories.

3 CDs, 3 x 54 photos each 18 x 24 cm. Presentation: 3 tables (70 x 220 cm), 3 CD players, 6 headphones

I asked three couples to describe turning points in their common life. On the basis of this material, authors wrote fictional sequences of scenes. Together with the original narratives, I also had two narrators speak all the episodes on tape. Plots presents these versions on three adjacent tables. The photographs presented on them document locations and objects. They are mixed with film stills that underline my own associations.


Thomas Bahmann, Susanne Bienwald, Bettina Böck, Doris Haider, Klaus Heid, Gabrielle Heller, Michael Hornstein, Robert Hültner, Andrea Kästle, Tobias Niemann, Fabienne Pakleppa (authors), Ditte Schupp, Jakob Riedl (speakers), Stefan Obringer (sound engineer).
Exhibition view 'Plots' © 2002 and photograph: Angelika Boeck
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