The audio installation in the Catholic Academy in Bavaria park summarizes monologues into dialogues on central themes of the Christian faith.

Location-based installation for the Catholic Academy park in Bavaria, Munich

For this five-part work, I pushed park benches together to form a large semicircle, mounted loudspeakers under the seats and gave them with park bench signs, each of which marks a central theme of the Christian faith: Love-Doubt - Being Different - Life - Death. Then I asked 15 people to talk to me about the images, feelings, events and insights that they associate with the terms. Then I assembled these monologues into continuous dialogues. While visitors only hear a diffuse murmuring when entering the park, the apparent conversations can be followed as soon as one takes a seat on one of the benches.


Dr. Gustava Everding, Alois Glück MdL, Marion Glück-Levi, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heckl, Dr. Beate Kayser, Dr. Alexander Kissler, Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch, Paula Linhart, Prof. Dr. Friederike Nüssel, Prof. Dr. Thomas Raff, Tobias Ranzinger, Prof. Dr. Susanne Sandherr, Engelbert Siebler, Dr. Hans-Jochen Vogel, Prof. Jerry Zeniuk Sound editing: Angelika Böck, Stefan Obinger.
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