Kunstinstallation PLOTS - Mit zwei Beobachtungen

The volume, which was produced following a conference, is concerned with a broad spectrum of questions of communication with and about art. My contribution to the conference consisted of the presentation of the audio installation , a work that juxtaposes different perceptions and interpretations of the same situation. In this publication, is commented on by two participants of the conference. Furthermore the volume contains contributions by Oliver Baron, Angelika Böck (with observations by Christiane Heibach and Remigius Bunja), Gernot Böhme, Remigius Bunia, Alberto Cevolini, Malda Denana, Julien Dolenc, Karin Dörre, Michael Dürfeld, Christian Filk, Christiane Heibach, Bernhard Langer, Harry Lehmann, Peter Mahr, Thomas Morsch, Norbert M. Schmitz, Silke C. Schuck, Anja Schürmann, Holger Simon and Carsten Zorn.

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