Body, Globe, Power, Guilt, Joy, Posession, Sharing, Duration, Death, Learning, Action

The editors of ROAR invited artists, curators and scientists to address issues related to borders, survival, animals, gender, geopolitics, decolonisation, domination, exploitation and environmental justice. Uli Aigner and I reflected on these issues in the context of our collaborative project . The volume contains contributions by Maria Rebecca Ballestra and Camilla Boemi, Fiona Parry, Lai Losgott, Angelika Boeck and Uli Aigner, Michael Hrebeniak, Lisa Wilkens, Marina Velez, Rosanna Graeves and Tom Graeves, Kelcy Davemport with Nawrast Sabah, Abd Alwahab, Sally Stenton and Sarah Strachan, Stefano Cagol with M.I. Franklin, Luba Kuzovnikova, Alessandro Castiglioni and Lara Boubnova.

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