Siehst Du mich? Bericht über ein Kunstprojekt im Jemen

This chapter focuses on my project realised in Yemen in 2007, as well as a related experiment on female veiling that I conducted in Munich the same year. A text with a similar focus was published in the collection of essays ‘Mirror on the Veil’. The volume contains contributions by Eva Fuchs, Huda Zein, Hannah Wettig, Ulrike Gramann and Ralf Siemens, Imke Haase, Tanja Scheiterbauer, Sarah Mersch, Hamida Behr, Sarah Keller, Johanna Block, Hoda Salah, Ilka Eickhof, Claudia Froböse, Anja Hoffmann, Christina Weber, Ishraga Mustafa Hamid, Anne Allmeling and Diana Hodali, Mario Tadzio Thalwitzer and Claudia Throm, Angelika Böck, Katja Drechsler and a picture series by Nicole Hertel.

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