trans-parent (Jacopo de' Barbari: 'Ritratto di Fra Luca Pacioli e Giovane ignoto') © 1996 Angelika Boeck, photograph: Wilfried Petzi

trans-parent (Jacopo de' Barbari)

For the trans-parent series, I used technology to record the eye movements that occurred within a minute of looking at Renaissance paintings - this is based on the painting 'Ritratto di Fra Luca Pacioli e Giovane ignoto' (1495), attributed to Jacopo de' Barbari.

Photo reproduction, eye drawing, glass sandblasted, steel holder 100 x 80 x 8 cm

Wherever the gaze hit an image, the lines of sight and points are marked on a frosted glass plate as a transparent trace that reflects the eye movements. The sand-blasted glass plates were mounted over the respective paintings so that the structure of the lines of sight overlaps the painting structure.

The central theme of all works is that the perceiving organ is also the executing organ; that observation and representation merge into one another without taking the detour via the artist's intervention.

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