Jungle Porcelain

The two-piece porcelain tableware Jungle Porcelain (Item 2316-2322) was designed together by Uli Aigner and me, and produced by Uli Aigner within the framework of her project ONE MILLION. My experiences, which I gained between 2010 and 2016 in daily life on Borneo, in the highlands, played a major role in the design.

Porcelain. Plates approx. 30-35 cm; plate supports approx. 12 x 15 cm

Uli Aigner's project ONE MILLION, which began in 2014, is her artistic examination of how to counteract globalization. In an ongoing process, she wants to produce about one million pieces of porcelain tableware by hand over a long period of time. Each piece will be produced in collaboration with its user.

Jungle Porcelain (2017) consists of robust multi-purpose objects. A cylinder, which serves as a plate support, can later be used as a lantern. It shows the engraved form of a bush knife and several animal traps which I have come to see as essential for survival in the jungle.

I have not returned to Sarawak since 2017 - Uli Aigner and I have re-enacted the situation in Berlin for our contribution to ROAR. Our interaction was documented by the filmmaker Michal Kosakowski.

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