The Art of Visualising Eye Movements

In this book, which deals with processes of reception in visual arts, Hanna Brinkmann and Laura Commare, in their chapter 'The Art of Visualising Eye Movements', refer to my work Blanks, which is characterised by recipients examination of eye traces - their own as well as others.
In addition to an introduction by Jacobus Bracker and Ann-Kathrin Hubrich, the volume also contains texts by Nina Heydemann, Susanne Moraw, Sadie Pickup, Adriana Kapsreiter, Liesbeth Grotenhuis, Fabienne Richter, Anita Rieche, Anett Werner-Burgmann, Lara Viktoria Rath, Elisabeth Wagner-Durand, Lisa Jureczko, Wendy Xie, Lars C. Grabbe, Tanja Westermann, and Sebastian Dohe.

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