Benna Chase: Light Series #1-5

The principal Psychologist at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre (SAMOC) describes how she uses post cards of the 'Light Series' #1-5 in her practice.

A series of truly beautiful art work created by Angelika Boeck and Sergio Muscat after the artists interviewed both patients and staff. There was then a process of reflection and self-reflexivity as together with Pam Baldacchino (resident artist SAMOC), Anne Laenen (Valletta 2018) and me, there was a sifting through layers of meaning and experience. The process evolved into a lived experience of deeper understanding of the existential nature of life and death, love and loss, temporality and continuity (or maybe timelessness) as together, and each within him/herself, we contemplated the mystery of our humanity. The artists very ably translated the experience into Light Series #1-5.
On account of the powerful symbolism behind the work, I am able to use the postcards as part of my therapy with patients and their families. The postcards offer a concrete form of the relational process that is a holding force as therapist, patient and family members grapple with intense emotions of suffering, loss, love and hope. The postcards are then given to the clients as a tangible representation of the profound process having taken place, so that they can take away the holding presence with them.