Hospital staff installing a window pane at SAMOC, Valletta, Malta © 2018 Angelika Boeck und Sergio Muscat, Photograph: Pamela Baldacchino

Light Series #1-5

The artistic intervention for the Hematology Department of the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre (SAMOC) in Malta was created as part of the Valletta 2018 Cultural Program in collaboration with Sergio Muscat, Pamela Baldacchino and Benna Chase.

Printed acrylic glass panes, approx. 70 x 70 cm

For our artistic intervention we asked - in close collaboration with Dr. Benna Chase (SAMOC psychologist) and Pamela Baldacchino (SAMOC-Deep Shelter artist in residence) - patients and staff to tell us which motifs and colours they found important for their healing. The majority of those interviewed mentioned landscape and natural phenomena - especially the sea, rock formations, the plant world. The patients told us that strong bright colours help them on good days, but not on bad days, when pastel shades are more helpful. We travelled through Malta to photograph the corresponding motifs. From those we combined five different window inserts in order to be able to use them - according to the choice of the room occupants - as acrylic panes. The postcards we had printed are used by Dr. Chase in her therapy sessions today.

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