'Würfelhocker, Sitzfigur, Stehfigur', Würfelhocker, Sitzfigur, Stehfigur (Block Statue, Sitting Figure, Standing Figure), Exhibition view, Staatliche Sammlung Ägyptischer Kunst, Munich © 1994 Angelika Boeck, Foto: Wilfried Petzi

Block Statue, Sitting Figure, Standing Figure

The textile work, which was created on the occasion of an exhibition at the State Museum of Egyptian Art in Munich, represents a pattern for Egyptian full-body sculptures. It depicts the three classical positions in which a person was portrayed in ancient Egypt.

Nettle cloth, zip 186 x 150 cm, 165 x 310 cm, 255 x 210 cm

I sewed a person in the three classical positions of Egyptian figurative representation into nettle cloth, cut the material at the edges and inserted zippers into the seams. The pieces of cloth look like sewing patterns or architectural plans and leave it up to the viewer to combine them in his or her head to form a spatial structure.

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