Three soap washbasins of the work 'Sink' © 1992 Angelika Boeck, photograph: Dieter Rehm


The work interprets three used washbasins of soap as portraits.

soap, iron stand, each 3 x 65 x 50 x 95 cm

In a soap factory, I had washbasins cast out of soap and then installed them in the homes of three people instead of their own. They were to use the sinks for as long as they wanted or could (which was about nine months). The washbasins show clearly different signs of use, but did not allow any conclusions to be drawn about their users.


Markus Stangl, Wolfgang Weileder, Juliane Winkelmann
Soap basin 'Sink' unused © 1992 Angelika Boeck, Photograph: Dieter Rehm
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