In the Prättigau many old houses bear carved and painted inscriptions in the form of biblical sayings, blessings or words of remembrance on their façades. In innerorts (downtown) this tradition is taken up and transferred to an individual level. The work was created on the invitation of the artist and curator Peter Trachsel over a period of six years as part of the Museum in Motion project in Prättigau.

Captions, various formats

I travelled to Saas once a year to visit places of personal importance to the project participants. On the basis of these individual conversations, I wrote texts from a first-person perspective, without revealing the identity of the interlocutors. The sayings were written on house walls and walls of the community area, however, there was usually no connection between the house wall on which a certain saying was written and the inhabitants. Personal memories thus become fragments of a local memory at the border between private and public space.

It was possible to realize innerorts thanks to the two sponsors Heidi Roth (graphics) and Alain Vocat (lettering).

Village map Saas im Prättigau with locations indicated, Graphic: Heidi Roth
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