'Frage-ment', Academy of Fine Arts, Munich © 1994 Angelika Boeck


The interview-based audio installation Frage-ment involved 28 male art professors and a female professor for art therapy from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (there were no female art professors at the Munich Art Academy at the time).

Tape, 8 loudspeakers, control

First of all, I asked each of the interviewees to spontaneously speak three questions on tape, which to him seemed essential for art. The three questions from the first professor were answered by the person subsequently questioned, who, however, assumed that they were dealing with my questions. A third interviewee also answered the questions of the second and so on. In a corridor on the ground floor, on the occasion of an annual exhibition, I placed ten loudspeakers in a staggered sequence - five on the right and five on the left side of the wall. Visitors moving in the middle of the corridor heard a question from this ongoing conversation before, a few steps further on, they perceived the answer to this question. The entire run lasted over an hour.

Interviewees (in the order of the interviews):

James Reineking, Jürgen Reipka, Arno Breuers, Otto Künzli, Ludwig Gosewitz, Thomas Zacharias, Manfred Kovatsch, Horst Sauerbruch, Bernhard Weißhaar, Ben Willekins, Rudi Seitz, Gerd Dengler, Edgar Knoop, Leo Kornbrust, Karl Imhof, Dieter Mayer, Lothar Romain, Norbert Prangenberg, Otto Steidle, Manfred Hollmann, Dr. Wieland Schmied, Dr Bernhard Lypp, Franz Xaver Lutz, Friedhelm Klein, Dr Gertraud Schottenloher, Jerry Zeniuk, Dennis Adams (visiting professor), Gerd Winner and Olaf Metzel.
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