Venetian Enigma

The video installation makes the narrated stories of 24 (anonymous) inhabitants of Venice audible at the locations of the events by three singers.

1 video, 24 text booklets (opened each 26,5 x 16 cm)

Through the social network 40xVenezia, I came into contact with 24 people in Venice who told me a "secret". Afterwards three opera singers interpreted the stories musically for my video recordings. The events told by men were performed by a singer, the reports of women by a female singer: Ioana Olivia Badiu (soprano), Marco Catto (tenor) and Franco Zanette (tenor).

Ioana Olivia Badiu singing in front of the Rialto Bridge
City map of Venice with event locations


Acknowledgements: Michaela Boehringer, Paola Piffaretti and Lore Strecker Sarpellon (translation), Dr. Uwe Israel, Dr. Nevia Pizzul-Capello, Dr. Petra Schäfer, Prof. Stella Silva and 40xVenezia (mediation).
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