Seeing. What are you looking at?

The catalogue to the exhibition of the same name in the Science Gallery in Dublin with texts by Lynn Scarff and Garry Lacey, shows artistic works by Philippe Schmitt & Stephen Bogner, Story Inc & Kish, McMullen-Winkler, Alia Pialtos, Dianne Bos, Suki Chan, Louisa Zahareas, Frederic DE Wilde in collaboration with Jeff Clune and Anh Nguyen, Patrick Tresset, Graphics, Vision and Visualisation Group at Trinity College Dublin, Rox Vazquez, Kurt Laurenz Theinert, Angelika Böck, Andrea Russo, Karina Smigla-Bobinski, Amir Amedi & the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Michael Prolux, Kenichi Okada & Naoaki Fujimoto, Rayn & Trevor Oakes, David Cotterell (UK) & Ruwanthie de Chickera, Studio TheGreenEyl, Carmen Papalia, me&him&you and Kate Coleman.

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