Eye-drawing, glass sandblasted, photographic reproduction, steel

80 x 100 x 5 cm



  • Raffael
  • Lippi
  • Weyden

For this series eye-tracking was used to record the eye movements occurring within one minute while viewing a number of Renaissance paintings. Whenever the eye encountered a painting, the lines and points of vision were marked on a plate of opaque glass in the form of a transparent trail replicating the eye’s movements. Each sandblasted glass plate was mounted over the relevant painting so that the structure of the lines of vision were superimposed over the layout of the painting which was visible through the glass. In this instance, the eye is used directly as a drawing tool in order to perceive perception – observation is transformed into a portrayal without taking the route via hand and canvas. The perceiving organ is the performing organ all at once; observation and representation blend without detouring through the artist’s hand.