Track Me



3-channel Videoinstallation

Track reading experts (Co-operation)

1 Beamer, 2 Monitore, 3 DVD-Player (Presentation)

Landesbank für Aufbaufinanzierung (Support)



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The 3-channel Video installation was realised in the context of Portrait as Dialogue in Central Australia in cooperation with four track-reading experts and a conductor of the experiment (Peter Bartlett). The interviewees, Mitjili Napanangka Gibson, Ida Nungala Granites, Judy Nambajimba Granites und Noreen Napajimba Robertson speculate about Angelika Böck's footprints which were “accidentally” found in the outback. Is it a man or a woman? What can be guessed about the person’s age, character, actions and intentions? Next to the interview sequences are presentet on seperate monitors which demonstrate scenes from hunting and drawing tracks as well as the process of tracking and the reading of footprints.