Adhesive film on window pane

560 x 1003 cm

16. 9. 1993–30. 1. 1994 48°25’N 11°55’O, 12:00 AM

The site-specific installation shown in the aircraft hangar museum in Schleissheim between 09-16-93 and 01-30-94, casting its shadow in advance. Self-adhesive PVC, was used to mark on a windowpane behind a VAK 191 vertical-take- off plane the position of the silhouette due to be created by its shadow at midday on January 31,1994. Day by day, the plane’s real shadow crept closer to its future position, ultimately coinciding with it at the precalculated time. Calculation of space and time is necessary not only to determine the course of a plane, these being the parameters upon which every kind of orientation is based. The installation was constructed in such a way that the scientific calculation was confirmed by the path of the sun.