1 CD, images and texts delivered by participants

Inmates of the penitentiaries in Landsberg and Kaisheim (co-operation)

Table 3 x 1 m, 2 speakers, 1 CD-Player (Presentation)


The audio installation was created for the exhibition Prison is Always the Others (NGBK, Berlin) in collaboration with sixteen inmates from the penitentiaries in Kaisheim and Landsberg am Lech. For this project a series of lengthy discussions with male inmates of the two prisons in Bavaria were conducted. These  focussed on developing a personal, ideal figure equipped with all the abilities and qualities that the individual could wish for. The figure could possess superhuman powers, and did not have to did not comply with legal provisions. The audio installation is presented alongside visual material assembled by the participants – including newspaper clippings, drawings, texts and photos – lending their figures a greater reality.