5 busts, wood blackened, 5 photographic prints on canvas

Busts 30 x 20 x 60 cm each; 5 photographic prints 90 x 90 cm each

5 sculptors, Republic Ivory Coast (Co-operation)

Pedestals 40 x 30 x 130 cm each, wooden bars, blackened (Presentation)

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The Installation comprises a series of five portraits sculpted in wood and, opposite, five photographic portraits printed on fabric showing the sculptors resonsible for the works: Dramane Kolo-Zié Coulibaly (Boundiali) Amadou Coulibaly (Mandine), Dosso N’Gouamué (Biamkouma) Gboungué Louna Pascal (Kabakouma) Bidije Goure (Abidjan). The sculptures owe their inception to the principle of the “Stille Post” (Chinese Whispers). Only the first sculpture was created on the basis of my living model in a village of the Republic Ivory Coast, this in turn serving as a prototype for the second sculpture which was carved in another village. The second was a model for the third, and so on. Using the principle of 'Chinese Whispers', this led to a series of five portraits that, in theyr development, showed how the black African men incorporated their own features in the copied portrait of a white european woman.