Smell Me



11 Glass bottles, Video projection

Herders, Mongolia (Co-operation)

Glass vitrina, viedo beamer (Presentation)

This detail of the series Portrait as Dialogue encounters the Mongolian traditional way of smelling at guests arriving at the yurt in order to acquire information about them in a ritualised procedure. The primarily tuwinian herders were asked my Angelika Böck's assistant to smell at her and to express what they have perceived of her: 

»I do not smell anything, but it feels as if I were touching a nestling or baby animal«. »You still have Karma. You are deep under ground, between a gap and a cave. You have to climb very high, but there is no other way out. If I were to compare you with a flower, you are a small white flower with pointy petals«. »Although you seem to be perfect this is not what you feel about yourself. Maybe clever people never believe themselves complete«.