Memory Nablus

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum


Diwan al Yassmineh, City of Nablus, Palestinian Territories

Limestone engraved and painted

21 x 30 cm each

Residents of Nablus (Contributors)

City of Nablus, Birzeit University (Principal)

Goethe Institute Ramallah (Sponsor)

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The public art work for the Palestinian City of Nablus is an initiative the cities residents are invited to carry on. Ten Inscriptions are placed on house walls surrounding the Diwan in Yasmineh, a Nablus quarter that has been heavily destroyed during the Invasion/Intifada. A Diwan is a traditional community meeting point where people come together for important moments in life, such as weddings, funerals and mutual decisions. The texts engraved in stone plates are based on conversations with locals about »Happy Memories«. They refere to the cities countless memorial plaques which remember the victims of the Israelian-Palestinian conflict. The inscriptions recall e.g. the joy of bathing in a public Fountain that is now destroyed, remind the formerly practiced neighbourly help and remember family picnics on a nearby mountain that is now inaccessible for the locals. The initiative calls for private moments of all kinds that seizure public space with the testimony of private stories that, jointly and over time, form a collective memory. The art work has been developed in the context of the exhibition Between Ebal and Gerzim – Cities Exhibition 3rd Edition 2012, an event the Birzeit University Museum (BUM) organises every year in another Palestinian City.