Kunst im öffentlichen Raum


Saas im Prättigau, Switzerland

Wall captions

60 x 150 - 80 x 200 cm each

Residents of Saas (Co-operation)

dieHasena, Community of Saas (Initiative)

Heidi Roth, Grafic Design; Alain Vocat, Wall painting (Sponsors)

  • raschnal
  • molkerei
  • trumalinis

Innerorts [in town] relates to the old Prättigau tradition of the house motto. Many old houses carry carved and painted inscriptions in the form of Bible texts or blessings on the facade. Text resulting of conversation with residents of Saas are placed in the public space on the walls and walls of houses. The texts refer to places of meaning for the conversation partners. Usually there is no connection between the residents and the texts printed onto their houses walls. Private memories, fragments of a memory of space, become visible at the changeover between private and public space. The work was created in the context of 14 Spaces for art, a project of dieHasena and Museum in Motion.