Imagine Me



16 fabric panels embroided, 25 Photographs

Cubic structure 200 x 200 cm, 25 Photographs 20 x 26 cm each

Residents of Sana'a, Yemen (Co-operation)

Institute of Foreign Relations (Support)

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Whom do we see when we observe a veiled person? This query touches upon the various aspects of our self – recollection, reflection, recognition, dialogue, retelling and fiction. A native assistant challenged thirty Yemenite volunteers in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, to observe a fully veiled person (Angelika Böck) very carefully, and to describe my look, character and personal circumstances. The installation consists of a fabric clad black cube and 25 photo portraits. The cube carries messages in Arab and German language. Sixteen interviews are stitched in golden letters into the panels representing the abaya, a black coat-like garment most Yemeni women wear in public. The black corpus carrying the projections is surrounded by photographs of all partici- pants who agreed to having their portrait taken.