Audio tape

8 speakers, control system (Presentation)


The interview-based audio installation: 29 art professors at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, some of which had not spoken to each other for a long time, were induced to communicate without knowing that they were dealing with each other. Each of them was to record on tape three spontaneous questions which he considered material to art today. The three questions posed by the first professor had to be answered by the next one interviewed, he however being under the impression that the questions originated from me. The installation: ten loudspeakers were positioned alternately along the left- and right-hand walls of a corridor. Walking along the centre of the corridor between the rows of speakers, the first question from one of the professors could be heard from the first speaker on the right, and a few steps further, the answer to this question from the first loudspeaker on the left. Subsequently, the second question resounded from the right and the second answer from the left, continuing in an infinite loop. The entire presentation lasted over an hour.