Silkscreen print on glass

40 x 40 cm each, four-layered

  • Blanks_1
  • Blanks_2
  • Blanks_3
  • Blanks_4

Four people each looked at a square sheet of blanks paper, their range of vision being restricted to a 40 x 40-centimetre section. Each person was subsequently presented with the recording of his or her eye movements while looking at the empty sheet, and the eye movements recorded once again until this had been repeated for four one-minute intervals. The tracks recorded each time were marked in black on a pane of glass and the panes placed on top of one another. Standing directly in front of the composition, all levels merge and can be viewed as one image. Only by changing the angle of observation can the viewer distinguish individual layers of the dialogues between the different viewing processes and consequently follows the history of perception. The perceiving organ is the performing organ all at once; observation and representation blend without detouring through the artist’s hand.