MIAMI: Frost Science Museum



08.05 - 20.10.2017

Developed by the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin and curated by ophthalmologist Kate Coleman, computer engineer Gerry Lacey, neurobiologist Semir Zeki and Science Gallery Dublin Director Lynn ScarffSEEING investigates biological and technological sight with interactive artworks examining the limits of machine recognition and the latest innovations in sight enhancement. SEEING questions how eyes, brains and robots see, while tackling the complex sensory experience of vision, understanding and perception. SEEING tackles the complex sensory experience of vision and perception. Issues, such as optics, perspective and comprehension are illuminated while exploring enhanced and augmented ways of seeing, artificial eyes, and radical alternatives to vision. The exhibition explores the subjectivity of sight, the other senses that shape our view of the world and the unexpected parallels between human and machine vision.