DUBLIN: Science Gallery



24.06 – 28.09. 2016

Curated by: Kate Coleman (ophthalmologist), Gerry Lacey (computer engineer ), Semir Zeki (neurobiologist) and Lynn Scarff (Science Gallery Dublin Director)

Works by: 20/X - Shannon McMullen & Fabian Winkler, 3RNP - Patrick Tresset, Blanks - Angelika Boeck, Colour Blindness Plates - me&him&you, Ground Truth - Studio TheGreenEyl, The Unresolved Image - Studio TheGreenEyl, Lucida III - Suki Chan, Magical Colour Space - Laurenz Theinert, Mirror - David Cotterrell & Ruwanthie de Chickera, Mobility Device & White Can Amplified - Carmen Papalia, Peeping Hole - Kenichi Okada & Naoaki Fujimoto, Screen Mutations - Louisa Zahareas, Seeing Stars - Dianne Bos, Seen/Unseen - Alia Pialtos, Sight Without Light - Story Inc & Daniel Kish, Simulacra - Karina Smigla-Bobinski, Synaesthesia: Coloured Music - Roxana Vazquez, Various Artworks - The Oakes Twins, Vision Booth - me&him&you (in collaboration with Kate Coleman), The Innovation Engine - Frederik de Wilde in collaboration with Jeff Clune & Anh Nguyen, The vOICe - The vOICe (Michael Proulx), EyeCane - Amir Amedi, D-Eye - D-EYE, Unseen Portrait - Philipp Schmitt, & Stephan Bogner, Virtual Empathy - Rachel McDonnell (Graphics, Vision and Visualisation Group at Trinity College Dublin)